NEW: (# Failure to Register Technicality
NEW: Failure to Register a Sex Offense???
CAUTION: SORNA EFFECTIVE even if state has not enacted it
Plea Bargains: Santabello v New York
Forced to Carry Gov't Message Issue: See HERE
Blog also contains "Unfavorable" and "Informational" decisions and relevant news articles. All can be useful in framing arguments for new court actions. (i.e., avoid pitfalls or inform courts.) Or refuting charges, check facts of cases v yours.
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CAUTION: Decisions are meant to be educational.
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U.S. Supreme Court decisions are applicable in all Circuits.

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(Findlaw Blog links are for folks doing further research)
1st Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
2nd Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
3rd Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
4th Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
5th Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
6th Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
7th Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
8th Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
9th Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
10th Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
11th Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)
Washington DC is an area, established by the US Constitution, and separate from the 50 states. To understand its governing body CLICK. Laws HERE. Regs HERE.

D.C. Circuit: (Findlaw Blog)


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