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3-30-2012 National:

Most important to note here is, that once a registrant signs ANY state form, which indicates that if they move to another state they must register there, ALL Courts (State and Federal) ignore the boundaries between state and federal law.

Yes, federal law (SORNA) commands that the USAG use a form to notify registrants of their registration requirements (Sec. 117(a) 42 USC 16917(a)) and to prescribe RULES to notify registrants convicted before SORNA of their registration requirements (Sec 117(b) 42 USC 16917(b)).

However, the USAG has FAILED to prescribe any RULE for the notification of registrants convicted before SORNA of their registration requirements. Courts are IGNORING that federal mandate (42 USC 16917(b)), if their is a signed state form (even one signed YEARS BEFORE) which says something similar, and the registrant has signed the state form.

In this writer's opinion that is clear trickery, and does not satisfy due process, but I am one person and not a lawyer or a court. It is what it is, be forewarned!

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