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Doe v Phillips

4-1-2008 Missouri:

The issue in this case is now controlled by Doe v Keathley (2009).

Doe v Phillips
259 S.W.3d 34 (2008)

The Circuit Court of Jackson County issued a judgment enjoining the Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol from publishing photographs and identifying information of registered sex offenders whose convictions predate the July 1, 1995, enactment of Missouri's Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), Section 589.400 et seq., RSMo. The Superintendent appeals from the permanent injunction. For reasons explained herein, we affirm in part, reverse in part, and remand the cause to the circuit court with instructions to limit the scope of the injunction.


The judgment is reversed with regard to the scope of the permanent injunction. The cause is remanded to the circuit court with instructions to limit the injunction to prohibit the Superintendent from publishing photographs and other identifying information about the pre-1995 offenders that was obtained as a result of their SORA registrations. In all other respects, the judgment is affirmed.

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