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City of South Milwaukee v Todd J. Kester

3-13-2013 Wisconsin:

City of South Milwaukee v Todd J. Kester

Todd J. Kester was convicted of sexually assaulting a child in 2000. In April 2010, Kester moved into a residence in the City of South Milwaukee that was within 1000 feet of an elementary school. The City has an ordinance that prohibits child sex offenders such as Kester from living within 1000 feet of elementary schools. Kester was told by the City that he had to move. Kester refused. The City filed an action in circuit court, asking the court to declare Kester’s residency a public nuisance and to enjoin him from living in the home. The circuit court granted the injunction and ordered Kester to move.

Kester appeals, arguing that his residency should not have been declared a nuisance without an individual determination of his dangerousness, that his right to procedural due process was denied as he was not permitted to show he did not pose a risk of harm to children, that the City’s ordinance is preempted by state law, and that the City’s ordinance as applied to him violates the Double Jeopardy and Ex Post Facto Clauses of the United States and Wisconsin Constitutions. We disagree and affirm the circuit court.

Article: Court upholds sex offender residency rule

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