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Informational Post

4-17-2013 UPDATED: Washington DC:

The -United States v. Kebodeaux- is in the U.S. Supreme court and we are awaiting a decision on the questions raised:

See the following Blog Posts for detailed information:

4-17-2013 Oral Argument Transcript

Argument preview: Can Congress punish a former sex offender for failure to register?

Cato Challenges the U.S. Supreme Court to Decide that Congress Doesn’t Have Unlimited Jurisdiction Over Everyone

United States v. Kebodeaux

Sex Offender Rules Will Go Before Supreme Court

Kebodeaux -v- US: USSC 12-418 cert granted (That decision [ 687 F.3d 232 (2012) ] on Leagle is found HERE if folks want to read the full decision)

Supreme Court to review sex offender registration law

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