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Robertson v State

10-23-2008 Texas:

Robertson v State
No. 11-07-00098-CR.

The jury convicted Charles William Robertson of the third degree1 felony offense of failure to comply with the sex offender registration requirements, found the enhancement allegations to be true, and assessed punishment at confinement for life. We modify and affirm.

I. Issues
Appellant presents five issues for review. In the first and second issues, he challenges the legal and factual sufficiency of the evidence. In the third issue, he contends that the jury charge on the lesser included offense was fundamentally defective in that it did not contain all of the elements of the offense. In the fourth issue, appellant argues that the trial court erred in admitting State's Exhibit No. 1, a copy of a fax regarding appellant's prior registration as a sex offender. Appellant contends in his final issue that the evidence is insufficient to prove the enhancement allegations.

... ... ...

VI. Holding

The judgment of the trial court is modified to show that appellant was convicted of a third degree felony offense and, as modified, affirmed.

Appeal denied for sex offender

5-4-2010 Texas:

AUSTIN The highest criminal court in Texas on Wednesday denied an appeal for an Odessa man serving life in prison for failure to register as a sex offender. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin denied a writ of habeas corpus to 62-year-old Charles William Robertson.

An Ector County jury convicted Robertson in March 2007 and sentenced him to life in prison, the maximum penalty. District Attorney Bobby Bland at the time said Robertson’s sentence was “the most I’ve ever heard of for failure to comply with sex offender registration.” He added that the sentence underscored a tendency of local juries to be hard on sex offenders.

A few months after the trial, Robertson pleaded guilty to molesting an 11-year-old girl Odessa girl. The girl’s grandmother declined to comment Wednesday on the appeals court decision.

Robertson, who previously had been convicted of rape, had filed his final appeal in March. ..Source.. ODESSA AMERICAN

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