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State v Giorgetti

3-4-2004 Florida:

State v Giorgetti
868 So.2d 512 (2004)

We have for review a decision from the Fourth District Court of Appeal on a question which the court certified to be of great public importance. Giorgetti v. State,821 So.2d 417 (Fla. 4th DCA 2002). We have jurisdiction. See art. V, § 3(b)(4), Fla. Const. For the reasons stated in this opinion, we rephrase the question:
Does the crime created by the sexual offender registration statutes require the State to prove knowledge of the registration requirement by the offender as an element of the crime?
We answer the rephrased question in the affirmative and approve the Fourth District's decision, which holds that before an offender may be held criminally liable for failing to register, the State must prove that he was aware of a registration requirement.

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