NEW: (# Failure to Register Technicality
NEW: Failure to Register a Sex Offense???
CAUTION: SORNA EFFECTIVE even if state has not enacted it
Plea Bargains: Santabello v New York
Forced to Carry Gov't Message Issue: See HERE
Blog also contains "Unfavorable" and "Informational" decisions and relevant news articles. All can be useful in framing arguments for new court actions. (i.e., avoid pitfalls or inform courts.) Or refuting charges, check facts of cases v yours.
Leagle is our main court decision resource.
Find State decisions by the Federal Circuit a State is in.

CAUTION: Decisions are meant to be educational.
For "Personal Life Decisions" consult with a lawyer.

Lawyers Lawyers Lawyers and then the ACLU

National and State:

We are often asked if we know of a lawyer to help in a case. Well here is what we have developed and we think this will give folks the best chance to find one that can help with their case.

Our lawyer lists are broken up as follows:
State and National

Civil Commitment

ACLU Chapters and Affiliates

Now, if you know of a lawyer that should be shown, please let us know and we will review and place it on the appropriate list. Simply e-mail

And if you know how we can improve this site, we would like to hear from you too.


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