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Bleeke v State

4-11-2014 Indiana:

Bleeke v State (Supreme ct)

Bleeke v State (Court of Appeals)

In this case, a parolee convicted of a sex crime against an adult female challenges a number of his parole conditions, including several that prohibit him from having contact with children—even his own. He also challenges the constitutionality of a state treatment program for sex offenders that he must participate in as part of his parole, claiming that under the program he is required to provide self-incriminating statements about his underlying offense and sexual history without immunity and under the threat of being found in violation of his parole.

We conclude that some of his parole conditions are impermissible on several grounds, but find no fault with the remainder. We likewise find no constitutional flaw in the state treatment program.

... ... ...

Conditions 4, 5, 17, 19, and 20, which we have laid out above, are all broadly aimed at restricting Bleeke from being near, communicating with, or associating with, children (and, until the injunction became permanent, from being near, communicating with, or associating with, his own children). Bleeke argues that there is no evidence whatsoever that he poses a risk to any minor, and that these conditions therefore are not reasonably related to his successful reintegration into the community.

We agree with Bleeke. None of the evidence presented at his individualized hearing or designated before the trial court in support of—or in opposition to—his motion for summary judgment indicates that Bleeke is, was, or will be a threat to children—either his own or otherwise. In fact, the evidence uncontrovertibly shows the opposite: that Bleeke is affirmatively not a threat to children, nor is he likely to be. The Parole Board’s only evidence to the contrary apparently consisted of a general study of cross-over offenders. But we note, as the Court of Appeals did, that the study itself was not made part of the record on appeal. Bleeke, 982 N.E.2d at 1049. This makes it impossible to assess whether the study raises a genuine issue of material fact as to the likelihood of Bleeke himself crossing over from an adult victim to a child victim.

Parole Stipulation form 49108 ...

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