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Hurley acquitted on two felony charges

8-1-2014 Colorado:

A Jefferson County jury found Gerald Hurley, a convicted sex offender, not guilty of two felony counts for failing to register as a sex offender with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, July 11.

Hurley’s release from prison last year prompted a community meeting notification after his decision to live in Golden. After his acquittal on Friday, Hurley was released and given five days to register as a sexually violent predator in his established residence.

It is unknown where Hurley will be living at this time but it seems he many be leaving the state once again, according to the Jeffco Sheriff's Office.

Jeffco District Attorney Pete Weir stated that although he is disappointed in the verdict, he respects the jury’s decision. “It’s a very complicated statue,” Weir said. “It can be complicated factually.”

Detective Stacy Galbraith of the Golden Police Department was the state’s sole witness during Hurley’s preliminary hearing back in February. Galbraith testified to the investigation leading to Hurley’s arrest warrant dated Oct. 3, 2013 in which Hurley failed to register as a sex offender with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department after obtaining a fixed address in unincorporated Jeffco with a Golden mailing address, according to an affidavit. Galbraith was able to confirm Hurley’s alleged established residence after discovering he renewed his driver’s license with the Golden mailing address.

Hurley was released from prison on July 25, 2013 and registered as a sex offender with the Golden Police Department on July 30 and reported he lacked a fixed address. According to Galbraith, Hurley was unable to provide a landmark or intersection that would help officers locate him. He also informed Det. Galbraith of his sexually violent predator classification. Upon further investigation, Galbraith was able to confirm Hurley’s SVP status and discover his renewed license.

She made contact with Hurley on Aug. 16 informing him of new registration requirements under an SVP status. SVP requires quarterly registration and monthly check in’s with police. On Aug. 17, Hurley called Galbraith to inform her he would be leaving the state temporarily to visit his brother. Hurley was soon picked up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin for possession of marijuana and hitchhiking. He was being held on an outstanding warrant from 1999 for contractor fraud.

Galbraith returned to the address listed on Hurley license and spoke with Hurley’s roommate who confirmed that Hurley began staying at the home on July 30. According to an affidavit, Galbraith determined there was probable cause to believe that Hurley was staying at an established residence from July 30 through Aug. 18 and did not register as a sex offender with the Jeffco Sheriff’s office nor did he cancel his registration with Golden PD as he did not lack a fixed address like he originally reported on his registration forms on July 30 and Aug. 16. ..Source.. by Amy Woodward

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