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CA Supreme Court Decision Regarding Residency Restrictions Due March 2

3-2-15 Decision: In re Taylor. This may leave open several questions if it is ONLY applicable to San Diego county. Lawyers speak up..

2-27-2015 California:

The California Supreme Court has officially announced (2-27) that it will publish on Monday, March 2, two decisions regarding residency restrictions. The decisions are expected to determine the following issues:
  • (1) whether residency restrictions are constitutional
  • (2) to whom do the restrictions apply and
  • (3) if the restrictions can be applied to every registered citizen while on parole.

The Court heard oral arguments in the case on December 2 in Los Angeles.

During oral arguments in the case of People v. Mosley, the Attorney General’s office argued that residency restrictions are constitutional but that they only apply to registered citizens while on parole (not to those on probation or who have completed parole).

The attorney representing Mosley argued in the alternative that the restrictions are not constitutional but if they are, they apply to all registered citizens.

During oral arguments in the case of In re Taylor, the Public Defender argued that residency restrictions cannot be applied to every registered citizen while on parole, but must be done on a case-by-case basis. ..Source.. by CA RSOL

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